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#16427 - The park was almost deserted which was nice because I wanted to be alone with you on our last weekend night together. I drive my tongue deep inside you, driving you wild, I take your clit and suck it hard into my mouth, using my arms wrapped around your legs I pull you tighter to my face I want to lick up every drop you have to give, as I eat like a wild man I can fell your body go into another orgasm. You get on your hands and knees, and I get behind you I kiss your ass and run my tongue all along your ass crack, your pussy is still hot and wet and tasted so sweet, I got between your legs and guided my cock to your waiting pussy I grab your hips and start to glide my cock in and out, building up the pace slamming your pussy harder and harder, making you scream in pleasure and as I keep going I want you to scream louder, I tell you to scream louder, I want you to tell me how bad you want me to explode inside your pussy, I feel your body start to shake really hard as your body explo

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Love your hair up even more sexy
Kotoha hanami
Would get 5 stars lol coz im always horny and hard haha
Then that could be my cock