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#346651 - sandy is coming too a little she says to kenny the chief wow when did you get here and i wanted to fuck you for a long time then dumb fuck looks over why is karen and billy fucking ? Kenny says i`m not the one to ask then she drops to her knees i grabbed our camera with her sucking my buddy off then the front door opens it s namoi romans wife i hollar hey babe back here . I said yeah watch this ? I call the local police chief and i asked Karen you really want me to go tell him what you are and doing to my fiance ? The look of fear is amazing ! fear and black mail is a fucking highand to have someone you can do what you too and she doesn`t have a choice !!! So I said chief you busy ? No why I said you have to come to my place now ?? Karen says I have warrants ? I said to bad and why aren`t you sucking my cock bitch ? I have to call and I snatched her fucking phone out her hands and smashed it ! I said in case you have a security and no one will know how bad you got fucked today and how

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Syoko hoshi
I lasted to 16 min just as you got a load all over your bum only just though and doubt i would have managed that long for real