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#142563 - Tell me in the comments if you want a sequel Might go towards a smoking fetish and lesbian play with Hannah and her sister. After we both came down from our orgasm i went out to pee i always pee after sex just realising what ive done was it a bad thing or a good thing? i thought to myself i went back to the tent to find my brother sound asleep i was thinking of going back to sleep but after the events that happened i was to active and curious i knew i liked what happened that night but that fact that was with my brother like thats some Game Of Thrones shit that went on in there , i lit a smoke as my thoughts kept dancing around my head being both horny and ashamed of myself at the same time. Ned yelled he was gonna cum attempting to pull out i locked my lips around his body and pulled him deeper inside me telling him to cum inside me , before Ned could answer i shut up him up with a kiss as his cock erupted inside my pussy the warm feeling of cum going inside my pussy almo

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