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#56194 - Say hi! You and the stranger both like daddy. Stranger: hey You: Haii You: asl? Stranger: asl? You: lol You: 18 f Stranger: cute Stranger: 23m You: So you like roleplay? ;) Stranger: yea, what roles do u like sweetie? You: Daddy/daughter teacher/student You: u?? Stranger: wow Stranger: naughty ones then Stranger: i guess i can be ur daddy ;) You: Nice! You: I'll start if you want Stranger: k You: daddy! I'm home! Stranger: hey princess, i call from the front room, as i panic to turn off the porn i was watching You: Umm daddy. I'll do anything! Please just don't tell mom!! (Umm how bout 13??) Stranger: well if i dont tell her, how will u thank daddy?(that sounds fun ;) You: Mmm.

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