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#50238 - Even though she was only 16 she had the airs and graces of a woman and Demi was cool with whatever I had to offer which made her even more attractive to me, she loved fucking and she loved sucking my cock and would half frown in a teasing way when it was my turn to eat her out. While my cock rested inside of her to the hilt, I quickly reached over to the side of the bed to grab a jar of cocoa butter, I dipped my thumb in the jar and I pressed my thumb at her asshole, she was semi used to this by now but was not prepared for my thick cock's intrusion, she screamed with pleasure and I had to hold myself back from going all the way in at first, I held her waist and I eased myself in, she helped a it when she wriggled with excitement causing me to go a couple of inches deeper, I lathered a bit more cream on my shaft and then started to move in an out of her ass, slowly at first but then I couldn't help myself, I started powering away as I felt myself beginning to climax.

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