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#75244 - i made it to English just on time took my regular seat next to the window , the class was well into ten minutes Nathan and his friend Robby walked in Robby took the seat next to the door and the only seat that was available was the one next to me 'oh shit i thought , this guy hates my guts and he had to sit next to me he sat and didn’t really look at me . Our English teacher was teaching then he said the words that i dreaded the most i will pair you up and you will complete a project it is half your grade he called out names left and right and my heart sunk when she said Matthew Barett (THATS ME ) you are paired up with Nathan Bellini ,Nathan gave me a harsh stare as if i was the one who assigned the pairing ,, the rest of the class i spaced out how is this going to work . Matt you home I heard my moms voice we stopped kissing and Nathan hurried and pulled up his pants and he put on his jacket who's Lexus in the drive way I heard my father you tell anyone Nat

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