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#143242 - I could tell that Jan was a little upset, as she was feeling a little humiliated approaching the cashier wearing really sexy clothes and a pair of crappy sneakers, I grabbed her hand as we approached the sales girl and suggested that we were going across the hall to the shoe shop to buy something more appropriate, this news brought a smile to my girls face and the sales girl reminded Jan that she was a lucky woman to have a man that wanted to buy his woman new clothes and shoes on the same day, also suggesting that she should buy a pair of red pumps to blend in with the mini and how really hot she would look. Then the attention was back on her vagina and taking an egg which also was remote controlled from under my mattress it was inserted into the depths of her pussy although it had not been turned on, I continued the tonging of pussy and clit whilst reaching up to play with her boobs, Jan was struggling a little to hold everything in and I told her she needed to stop worrying and to

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Sharo kirima
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