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#248527 - . The show finished about 10:30 and as it was a full day at sea the following day (no early rise!) I decided to try the on board Night Club, It was only a small club room for about fifty or sixty people and a small dance floor I stood near the bar with a drink after a few moments a tall blond in a very short dress tapped me in the shoulder and said hello I replied with a smile, it took a few seconds but then I recognised her as the acrobat from the stage show earlier as she saw the realisation of who she was dawn on me she leaned in and said are you alone? I replied I was good she said with a smile my name is Helen and my husband over there is Peter she said pointing to a table in an small alcove, sat on a sofa was the acrobat guy from the stage We have been married for six years and we play a little game on each ship we work on we alternately choose someone to come back to our cabin and join in a little fun I'm flattered I said but I'm not gay Oh god! She replied ne

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