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#384180 - The moment seemed to freeze in time, as I traced my fingers along the line of his underwear; over his cheeks, around his buttocks and into the dark cleft of his…… “There you are!” he said, “Do you want a glass?” Shaken from my reverie, I declined and I was just about to pay him when I was conscious of the presence of a figure wearing dark blue jeans and a black leather jacket taking the stool to my left beside me. I still didn’t understand but in that moment, that sensation, I knew deep down that, whoever this guy was, I had loved him. The winter night was cold but dry and there was a clear star-filled sky, promising a frost by dawn.

Read Ngentot 人付き合いが苦手な未亡人の雪女さんと呪いの指輪 - Original Viet Nam 人付き合いが苦手な未亡人の雪女さんと呪いの指輪

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