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#307526 - It turned out we became best friends, we would study together and even watch porn together, she was just like one of my guys friends, we listened to music and hung out which was fun for me not having doing so in a while without being high, weeks went by and turned into months until one saturday morning I was woken up by her saying over and over again we need to talk I rolled over and propped my self up against my pillow grumpily gazing at her, she looked like crap, her eyes were bloodshot which made her pupils look neon green and gave her this vampire affect, her nose was also red and her lips were cracked, I brushed the hair out of her face and half glared at her and half worried what was wrong, then after starring hard into my sheets she replied look, I lied to you. --------------------------------- I softly rubbed her bare pussy, and down to her clit, then up again and down, she moaned louder now gripping the side of the bed as she shook thru a minor orgasm, then I m

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