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#358810 - Kenny knelt and took Riley's cock in his hand a lowered his head as though to smell it but instead he extended his tongue and licked it, this surprised me and I instantly became wet and could not help but masturbate, it did not take long I was trembling with an overwhelming orgasm. He laid there for about five minutes and then pull his shorts on and headed for the gate. I was hypnotized by the action taking place in my back yard and I must admit my panties had become soaked with my own juices and I slowly eased my hand between my legs and with the slightest touch, it sent me into an enormous orgasm so strong I became weak in the knees and had to seek support by leaning against couch.

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Some fine acting here wonder if dad will find out about the candy in the end i bought my wife some candy like this but she totally did not react the same way with the lollipop
Magical princess
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