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#24200 - I quietly asked can you please repeat the question, I just didn't hear ya? , of course I heard her! She put her mouth to mine , kissed and licked my lips, looked in my eyes and whispered again Your sister Donna is really pretty! Did you or your brothers ever peep or spy on her to see her naked? I just said maybe , why , did your brothers ever peep on you? She said out loud yes , now you answer! I said Yes! right away , than I followed up with why do do ask? Lisa whispered this stays between us , right? I whispered back of course! She quietly spoke ,,, well I remember many times when I was taking a shower I heard someone outside the bathroom door , pushing against the door. I just asked Jeff if he wanted me to jerk him off too? He asked would ya? I said sure , come closer and take your clothes off. After a couple times she'd let me stick my hand up her shirt and feel her boobs and eventually she'd allow me to stick my hand down the back of he

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Yuzu koyama
It s time to stop
Satoko houjou
Your still a hottie
Yosuke hanamura
Are you shitting me lol