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#2585 - This took me by surprise i had no idea they had talked about our sex life i dont know what came over me i asked what thay had talked about amy still looking up at me she said we talked about how big you were how you would always have forplay never skip n just slip it in you always made sure she had an orgam befor you put it in and if she didn't come during sex you would bring her of after you had finished and how good you made her feel after sex. We walked around town for nearly two hours gettin every thing we needed as we got back to the car i asked Amy if she wanted to swing by the school she would be attending after the summer yeah sure why not might as well have a look befor my first day just to make it a little easyer knowin ware it was and what i looked like after we had a look around the school that was open strangly we descuverd it doubled as a comunity center over the holidays so the kids have somware safe to hang out we headed home. I pointed to one of the doors just

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