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#97820 - Thanks, Michael winked at me then smiled and we both fell silently as we looked at each other, I leaned in slowly and carefully but surprisingly I saw Michael lean forward and our lips pressed softly against each other's hesistantly, we both pulled back and looked at each other before leaning in again and kissing each other abit less hesitant and soon the kiss turned into a passionate one, I could've smelt the beer we were both drinking and I felt Michael pull back and I did the same and after that not knowing what to do we just sat looking at each other in silence. I saw the trail of saliva connecting my cock and his lips and I only just realised what he was doing, I couldn't help but to smile.

Read Pinoy Shiori-chan, Yamaidon Okawari - Date a live Bizarre Shiori-chan, Yamaidon Okawari

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