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#109402 - I took them back to the bedroom, and told Pauline to fuck Lee with the toys while my cock recovered, Lee took a good couple of sniff of poppers as Pauline got ready, she stuck the big vibe in the strap on and went behind him, with his butt sticking up high she went about fucking him hard, Lee was loving his new found sexual fun, he now had anal orgasms too, with ever sniff he got more and more ambitious, pushing back to meet her thrusts, I got the small dildo and slide it in with hers, he liked the feeling, as Pauline proceeded to push all 12 inch's in his butt, together with the huge vibe he was doing ok. It took about an hour, Pauline's butt was filled by Alf''s cum, as Lee and myself fucked next to her, then I gave Pauline a sly smile, and went of to get Jerry. then Jerry growled his cock jerked and Pauline's butt was flooded with doggy cum once more, that was to much for Alf he shot his load in her mouth and over her face, I licked some up, as Pauline just stayed locked

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