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#118028 - “would you like a ride” he smiled “love one” she over exaggerated the word “love” letting it linger a little longer than maybe she should have! Josie sipped her wine……. She turned around within his arms, he moved in close smelling her sweet perfume “mmmm” he smiled “is that Angel your wearing?” he nuzzled her neck sending shivers down her body, his hands firmly squeezing her thighs “I want you” he whispered. Josie didn’t know what to say “can I” he asked slipping his fingers teasingly around her panty line, he could feel her knickers moisten, “yes?” he asked kissing her on the lips and pressing his tongue in, he felt her legs give way and she gasped if he didn’t know better he’d think she was having an orgasm already! He stopped kissing her and looked in her eyes, she looked angry, almost aggressive, like a wild animal, this made him harden, the look in her eyes was that of hunger, her hands were clenched holding on to his shoulders.

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She is very hot and you are a lucky man thanks for sharing
Yachie kicchou
Ohhhh yeah so sexy so cute oh
Touko sumikaze
I want to be her girl