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#197256 - Then I could feel his hands slowly slip from my shoulders… I was terrified, “oh gosh what is he doing?” I thought as his hands trailed down my chest to my non existent breasts… I could feel him massaging my tiny toddler breast. I whimpered… because I was so scared but it felt so good… I was so confused… He then started to lap at my clit, taking the tip of his tongue to my little clit and flicking it hard… I almost screamed… No doubt he gave me my first orgasm…He continued to tug and diddle my clit as he moved down and traced around my love hole… I did not know there was pleasure there, but there was as he grabbed my bottom and pulled me to his face, plunging his tongue deep inside me, wiggling it around, yanking my clit with the other hand… oh my god….

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