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#416236 - it turned me on big time, seeing what I had done to you made me feel like a women, plus the fact I’ve not seen let alone touched a real cock! And by the way your laps feeling right now I’ve done it again!” as she said that she began rolling her hips on my groin and running her hands down my chest and all I could do is sit there. caught between what I thought was right and what’s wrong till my urges took over and I grabbed hold of her amazing ass and slammed her into me, forcing her to let out a slight moan of sheer pleasure, she grabbed the back of my head and dived in to kiss me, at first it was horrible! I mean that’s my sister! But my god did she know what she was doing! I couldn’t help but push one of my hands up her top and grab her glorious tits which was clearly driving her crazy, she pulled herself back, unzipped my jeans and grabbed my cock, Jesus did she know what she’s doing for a virgin! I’m surprised I didn’t blow my load there and then, she climbed off me and got down

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