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#122071 - We were shown into a lounge most probably as big as my small flat which of course now belonged to Shirley, everyone was given a glass of wine, lm no connoisseur but it went down nicely. In my room l undressed had a quick shower, slipped on a lovely little number nightie, lay on the bed waiting for Markus to come to my room but l must have fallen asleep, l don’t know what time it was but l was woken by Markus turning me onto my belly and gently whispering, he couldn’t sleep and thought a good fuck would help, l was still half asleep when he squirted gel into my man-pussy, l lifted my rear expecting Markus’s cock but instead got his fist, as his chubby hand spread my pussy l gave a sigh and drove myself back slowly, his hand slid inside me all the way up to his wrist, l reached between his legs to take hold of his cock, slid his foreskin down his shaft casing Markus to let out a little groan before starting to fuck me with his fist, l couldn’t hold in the thrill he was giving me, l took

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Cure marine
Would be super hot it it were longer
Vu que j ai casiment tou appris en autodidacte je pense que c est surestime mes talents de bassiste xd mais a se tente
Karen araragi
Thank you
Professor hershel layton
I love abigail