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#311191 - Bobby says I knew there was no afterlife or a biblical God or a Heaven or Hell but to be honest I'm very suprised that beings like you exist the conversation is interupted when Bobby hears his mother crying, he runs downstairs and asks what's wrong and his mother says I just got laid off from my job, 15 years and just like that it's all over, oh well that's life I guess, sorry for worrying you I'll just have to dust off my old CV . Her son and husband take turns fucking her and calling her every dirty name in the book until they both cum on her face, Melanies step brother then walks towards the computer and says I hope all you sick fucking perverts loved our incest video, now go fuck yourselves and he turns off the computer, Melanie laughs knowing that soon all three of them will die of heart attacks. Bobby tells her that his name is Kira and that from now on she will be the second Kira and he gives her a page from the Death Note and he says w

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Yusaku godai
Mines not big or black do you still want it
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