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#50186 - The woman pushed number eighteen and the elevator door slid shut and began it's ascent. As Rachel licked, she felt Fay again back at her pussy as doing 69 was bringing both ladies rushing to a climax! Both of them were groaning into the cunt of the other! God Rachel loved pussy!!! Each of them reached their peak at exactly the same time, and both of their pussies pulsated as sexual relief coursed through their aching cunts! Afterwards they lay in a heap on top of each other, neither one moving, just slowly inhaling the smell of drenched pussy! Fay was the first one to move, and she got to her feet on wobbly legs and asked, How about a quick shower and then we'll have that drink. It is a little known but true fact that in most women's professional sports the players are often chased by lesbians for overnight trysts, and most of the time they would try to contact the girls at the airport or in the hotels the teams are staying in.

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