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#154458 - Ben: You know Rico when I was about to go here in the 3rd floor bathroom I thought that this was the safest place to change your condom because no one goes here. Ben looked over where Rico was seating and saw that Rico was sweating, his legs were slightly spread apart and his hands were hiding a barely noticeable bulge in front of his crotch. @guavapancake Enslaving Rico chapter 3 Milky Revenge Rico couldn’t decide what to wear today because for one thing, he neither has thick briefs nor boxers to cover up his condom wrapped dick with a taped vibrator inside.

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Sachiko ogasawara
I think you helped the flowers bloom
Kasen kanesada
This was sooo hot the only thing that would have made this hotter is if he had licked up the cream or better still licked it up and tongued her with it