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#292391 - But that was perfectly okay with both of them, as every moment had been pleasurable, even the fumbling and awkward ones like when Harry’d had to ask Hermione to teach him a healing charm so he could fix up a nasty scrape he’d given Ron with his teeth that would’ve been much too embarrassing to see Madame Pomfrey about (of course, he’d told Hermione that they’d been out flying and Ron had slipped on his dismount, and scraped the skin off his bum as he hit the pitch), or the first time Ron tried to shag him, but either Ron was so nervous or his aim was so bad that he’d finally cum all over Harry’s bum just from repeatedly bumping against his entrance, so Harry got an oral consolation prize instead. Ron reluctantly rolled off of Harry so that he could give his full attention to making Harry moan. Ron smiled, and repeated the motion, forcing himself to keep it slow, but allowing himself to add just the slightest twist to the motions that he liked so much himself.

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