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#301982 - Trisha got sick of the barrier that kept her hands from feeling the silky skin that was hidden just beneath so she grabbed the bottom of Carly’s shirt and slowly lifted it off her body, now there was only 1 thing that kept her from what she desired but Carly was already working on that as she reached behind her and unclasped her bra and let it fall off of her shoulders. Carly was now moaning because this had been the furthest that she had ever gone with anyone and it was even more exciting since she was doing it with her sister. As they sat there on Trisha’s bed kissing Trisha decided to get bold and flick her tounge out of her mouth and grazing her sister’s lips as if asking permission to enter, Carly shyly opened her mouth, her sister had to instruct her on how to french kiss but after a few minutes Carly got the hang of it and their tounges wrestled with each other till Trisha decided that she wanted to be the one to teach Carly all about sex.

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So special thank you for taking care of me
Damn this is so hot
Enji todoroki
The one on the right tho
Jajajaja yo tambien xd