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#104156 - Remember pleasure can be had in many ways, it just happens that we get a lot from sex, some couples do not, if I went out side to find sex it would not mean I don’t love your mum, it just means I need something she can not give me. Around 11. Mel is going to cum I can feel it in her body, she is moaning now and her head is moving she has her hands on my head now and I take them off and place them on her tits, I want this juicy pink cunt all to myself I don’t need any help, this is the best pink cunt I have seen for some time and I am going to lick it like a person scoop’s and oyster out of it shell, I let my tongue wonder around the contours of her cunt and as I do I can feel Mel react to each movement her cunt is wet but I know there is much more to come out of her and my job is to get it all.

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