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#114760 - i tell her she can do it on her own or i will make her and it ok with me either way. she struggles but falls to the floor she 5'5 tall 115 lbs im 6' 2' 240lbs i fell with her she is pinned on her side to the floor i pushed her on to her stomack putting her hands behind her back she is still fighting i get her left hand and snap the cuff on it her tee shirt is still on i ask her to remove it she said fu so i pulled her right hand out from under her and got it in the cuff i lead her to the bedroom where have a brass head board with slats in it so you can hook the hand cuff to it easy. i can tell shes in a teasing mood she wants a spanking.

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Satsuki momoi
So fucking hot
Eriko kuraishi
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck he s so god damn sexy i would let him do whatever he wanted to me no doubt about it