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#325445 - Out of fear John done as he was told and then the monster took John' and he spread his legs and spread them wide open and to the scepter and inserted deep into John's asshole, the monster took the scepter and began push it in and out of John's tight ass as John tried to fight him, the monster told him to give up the fight because the scepter has a magic potion that will make my new slave and I can do as I so choose to you so get use to this because you are forever mine. When John opened his mouth the monster began to fuck John's throat, as he slid his long fingers down the crack of John's skinny ass and began fingering his tight hole. When John woke up, he couldn't help but notice he was not in his bedroom and he woke up with the monster staring in his face.

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Louise halevy
Thankyou please share and lets get it featured xx
With skills like that i want to watch her sick my bf
Mamori tokonome
Who is the guy woah