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#393888 - She wanted the dog to lick her longer and harder than she'd ever been licked before, I could see she was fucking his tongue frantically desperate now to feel the intense orgasm building deep inside her, she was grinding her pussy hard into bronos eager tongue and bringing her ever closer to ecstasy, she could no longer smother her moans and began to allow her body to fully experience the pleasure of Bruno’s tongue fucking orgasm as it builds uncontrollably within her, her body was convulsing , her stomach being sucked in under her ribs as the convulsions took over her whole body , she screamed I saw her pussy hole contract tightly around Bruno’s tongue as her orgasm smashed into her body and the wave of pleasure took her to a sexual place she had never been before , her screams of pleasure echoed across the garden as her body experienced wave after wave of orgasmic explosions , her pussy gushed out a wave of cunt cum and Bruno enjoyed as much as he could, slowly the wave

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