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#168541 - Heather closed the door and went into the kitchen and made some dinner for herself and her mum which she ate it in the kitchen and she washed her dishes and put them away then she went back to her room and stripped the sheets off and took them to the laundry and did a quick load of washing before her mum came home then she put her sheets in the dryer to dry after they were clean and dry she put them away in the linen closet and got herself new sheets to put on her bed after she made her bed he laid down thinking of the wonderful sex she had that day. John stood at her door while she went in and said “This is my room do you like it”? John smiled and said he liked her room so she told him to come in as he walked into her room he saw her gymnastic trophies and ribbons that she had won he was impressed with all the trophies and ribbons and told Heather the same and she smiled at him, Heather asked John if he would like to see a short routine she had just designed he said yes so she told

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Kaede fuyou
She is amazing