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#375208 - My hubby came in and said he was going to start the grill up, so I pulled the meat out for him, he saw the wet spot on my bikini bottoms and asked if i was horny, I said yes and tonight was his night, i was going to fuck him all night, he laughed and headed back out, I grabbed some fresh undies and a bra from the bedroom and went to the shower, I washed and masturbated as I was in the shower, as I stepped out there was Bill his BBC hard and thick pointed right at me, he walked over to me and picked me up, put my back against the wall and lowered me down on to his huge cock until it was all deep inside me, Bill started to pound his cock into hard, and started to french kiss me, our kiss broke and Bill started saying what a tight white cunt i had and how he liked to abuse white pussy, he when filled my with the biggest load of cum that I have ever had, when he lowered me down I sank to my knees and started to lick his BBC clean, Bill departed and I got dressed, once out side everything w

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