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#88640 - Tell me in the comments if you want a sequel Might go towards a smoking fetish and lesbian play with Hannah and her sister. Mine and Ned's fun went on for years im 19 now and now i taste my own pee when ever i cant get Ned to pee for me im so happy with how our relationship evolved. I awoke in the middle of the night to something poking my tailbone and punching my back i turned my head around asking my brother what he is doing he just nervously said nothing i reached around and swept past his cock hard in his pants i said to him your jerking of in a bag with your sister are you fucking serious i told him to go outside and do it we both knew it was to cold for that i just told him to stay and if he cums on me hes dead he went back to jacking himself of while i tried to get some sleep but i just couldn't the constant beating this guy takes forever to blow his nuts it continued on again for another few minutes a thought swam across my mind i felt like a total

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