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#193084 - My nipples are already hard, but gets rock hard as Ken let’s them glide in between his fingers, flicking them on every other step my body feels electrified! I turn my head and nibble on his neck, in between whimpers i whisper, “I want to feel you inside me!” He chuckles and scotches back on Nellie’s big back, giving me room to turn around, which in it self is quite the trick! One leg over and i’m sitting sideways, balancing quite a bit, but Ken’s strong hand is keeping me in check, squeezing the leg between us and voila i’m sitting backwards and were face to face. Going up to her face, gently stroking her muzzle, resting my mouth on the velvety soft spot next to her big nostrils, breathing slowly we exchanged air, inhale.

Read Strange Jokyoushi Chiketsu Lesson | 女教師恥穴授業 Titjob Jokyoushi Chiketsu Lesson | 女教師恥穴授業

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