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#328232 - 2 days after that she calls me late one evening and says I and Mutt Mutt are coming over so get the alcohol ready and the you know what! I tidied up a bit all around the house and the breeding seatie since it hadbecome more a throw things on thing than what's it true intended use was! I then put the lounge pillow on it and have everything set up as I hear her car pulling into my drive way and hear two car doors open and close and soon a knock at the door and there before me is the Mom and this Mutt and believe me he was a Mutt! The poor dog looked like he had a stew pot of genes all thrown off into his ass but no doubt he wasn't even half the size of what Big Boy was. But her lips looked like they would absolutely rip apart and explode they were being so damn stretched apart by his huge ass driving tongue and her clit was surely fairing none better since he had that thing jerking all over at the top of her lips as he tried his d

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Ai haibara
Mmm it turns me on so much
Miho kohinata
She has always been a fav