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#201872 - so i went home and cried about how stupid and descusted in my self i felt all of a sudden kyle called me and i answer saying what the fuck do you want leon get your phyco boyfriend away from my house and the football team now!!! i paniced and rushed to my car and drove to kyles i got out my car and i ran to havrey and said harvey stop what your doing this isnt you leon babe this has nothing to do with you so move to the side i dont want you to get hurt harvey you are hurting me by being here thoughing eggs and shit at kyles house harvey said baby please move out the way i said no the only reason your here is because of me harvey i dont want to lose you baby please stop what your doing harvey grabbed me by the waist with one hand and i said take a swing at me if it will make you feel better after i finished that sentance i started to cry harvey grabbed me by the other hand and kissed me i broke are kiss and said if you break up with me i will understand im so sorry h

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