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#377003 - As he was maturing his cock was getting bigger and bigger and it was becoming harder and harder to resist. I cleaned up the area and made sure there was no evidence of our play time. It was many years after that that i left home to get married,my husband wasnt a great dog lover and it took me some time to get a new dog, He went out and bought me a black lab that he had got from the local dogs home, I was overjoyed that i could now carry on doing the things that i enjoyed most I never told my Husband about my life as a dogs slut,so i had to be very careful that he never caught me with rex that was the name i gave him, As the months wore on rex was proving to be a willing student and was becoming a great companion, sometimes while I worked on my pc I let him under my desk and let him lick me,as i never wear panties,and shave my pussy, This was especially exciting since my husband was a few feet away watching tv.

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