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#113196 - the party was going really well and when the music started i asked her if she would like to dance,she gladly accepted and we danced for a while then i asked her if she fancied a drink,she said that was a good idea so we went to the bar. ,i didn't think you did because i could see up your shorts the other day when you were sitting on your workbench and thought i could see your bitsi then told her she shouldn't be looking at things like that to which she told me she was old enough and had to get her thrills anyway possible. i waited for the light to go off went into the bedroom and slipped into bed,she put her arm on my chest and kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for a lovely birthday,thats o.

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Haruyuki arita
That dumb girl used the sharp side of the knife to scrape the cutting board
Noa izumi
Actually i prefer him sorry he gets pretty rough
I love watching people fuck