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#135707 - I moaned “fuck” as she moved her head back and forth taking me in her mouth. Any man would kill to wake up in bed next to you every day” I saw the anger leave her face and tears begin to settle in her eyes so I sat down next to her, placed my arms around her hearing her say “I feel so lonely and unappreciated and I don’t know why your father doesn’t want me anymore” there was no holding back the tears, she said “I guess it’s because I’m no longer sexy or beautiful to him anymore, I mean what kind of man would wa…” I stopped her mid sentence and said “Don’t ever think that, you are the most gorgeous, sexiest woman I’ve ever met and any guy would kill to be with you and don’t you worry I’m here for you” and allowed her to cry. I felt the walls of her wet snatch grip my cock, and neither of us could contain our orgasms for much longer “I’m gonna cum Vanessa” “Me too baby, fill my pussy with your hot cum baby” I felt her hips buckle under me and a wave of cum flood over my co

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