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#32755 - She had a model's body, tall and willowy with blonde hair, small pert breasts, long legs, and of course a perfect ass that looked good in anything from a bikini to a pair of thong underwear. Like it?!? With her breathing becoming increasingly shallow, Laura managed to reply, I-I'm not sure, it's so huge! It's supposed to be huge, Bobbie retorted while her fingers worked their way in and out of her buttery snatch, now hurry up and get your clothes off and let me explain to you exactly how it works! Laura smile wanly at her lover but obeyed her command and quickly slipped out of her things. Being the more butch of the two, Bobbi took the lead and kissed Laura hard on the mouth while probing the aroused blonde's mouth with her over active tongue! Almost as if on cue the two of them began slowly bouncing up and down in unison as the fucked themselves into an absolute frenzy with the gigantic rubber cocks jammed deep into their stretched out pussies!

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