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#10778 - he gave another heavy shiver and spurted his wet thin cum into my mouth, i slurped every drop, until he went limp. i moved my hand slowly up to his groin, my hands were shaking a bit,as i got to the top i cupped his balls in my hand they felt so soft yet pert, if that makes sense, his cock looked so inviting, he said what about yours then, aren't i getting a look, i undid my dressing gown and pulled it to the side, wow uncle bill, what a size, personally i think im average size, i shave my blls so it looked bigger perhaps, he sked if he could touch it, of course you can, we played with each others cock, wanking this young cock ws great, lots of pre cum, i leaned over and took the tip in my mouth, mmm daniel you taste nice, i pulled him over onto his side so that we could suck each other, he wasnt experienced in blow jobs so i had to be patient, thinking il soon teach you loads, i lowered my tongue onto his blls licking with as much saliva as i could manage, i seemed to have hit t

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