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#77590 - As she stopped, he was surprised to notice that she was nearly as tall as he was as she held her neatly manicured small, and most likely exquisitely soft, hand to him and continued speaking, “I’m here to help facilitate your training, make things easier for you, help you relax so you can concentrate on the things you need to learn…and maybe teach you a few things that the other instructors neglect to pass on!” Alex heard the subtle change in her voice and as he reached out to take her hand his cold grey eyes locked on to the deep blue of hers, searching for hidden answers to unasked questions but finding nothing but the deep blue pools that threatened to drown his soul. “Have a nice day!” Alex said with a snide smile, breaking the silence when he heard the soft click of the security door, indicating some one on the other side had pushed a button to unlock it; the man just continued to stare at Alex’s face, no sound or emotion, as Alex turned and pushed the door open. The Author ta

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