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#181908 - We sat in silence, me wondering what he was thinking about, and would I finally get to have my wish come true. For five minutes he sucked and nibbled my tits then slowly he kissed his way down my smooth flat stomach, instinctively my legs parted as he moved across, my pussy was soaking wet and as his mouth clamped on my little bud I screamed out with pure pleasure, “OH God daddy, that feels so good” his experienced tongue worked up and down my outer lips and around and around, teasing me now, he then parted my lips with his tongue, and slipped a little in, Oh God, I was coming in multiple orgasms, I thought I would choke daddy with all my juices, but he was lapping it all up with vigour. I sat on the patio watching him finish the lawn and he kept looking up towards me, and I saw a bulge growing in his trousers, God daddy was getting hard looking at me, my dreams were coming true, well part of them were.

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Great quality of hentai very sincere thanks
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That body
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That pussy is so cute i bet it taste good too ijwlhc