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#310069 - We started to practice with the team and two weeks later we had a friendly game with another university the coach was really excited about it and two days before the game he was giving us a pep talk you are playing like little girls they'll kick your asses what do you want me to do? What do I have to do to motivate you? You're just happy to be on the team to get the girls you don't want to play. the coach than took off his shorts and slept on the desk and said one to lick, one to rim we stayed put maybe a minute too long because he then yelled can't you do simple instructions you suck you rim I got picked to suck. After the showers the coach called me to his office he said Boy if you give a blowjob I'm willing to let you play on this game I was a little bit hesitated but I thought what's the point of being on the team if you don't play and said to the coach ok The team played pretty good they were excited about the coach'

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