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#97514 - then harvey said 4 word i thought he would never hear him ask me will you marry me i freaked out and said harvey your not funny harvey opened the box to reveal a ring im not joking leon harvey we are to young ive only been dating you for 10 weeks leon when i look into my future the only person i see with me is you i closed my eyes and thought dont be messing with me please dnt be messing. harvey looked at me as if to say im so jellous i smiled and hugged harvey and said my new car i got into my car and drove home i forgot to kiss harvey goodbye i was that excited when i got home i said to my parents omg thank you my parent said it was okay and i should go had have some fun. i went up stairs to get changed half way though getting changed harvey text me sayinng babe dont forget the beach tomorrow remember to stay off school i messaged harvey back saying i havent forgotten and im sorry for not kissing you harvey messaged me back and said its okay i guess you ha

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