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#368608 - I had one knee on a massage chair wiping it down, my arse sticking out covered by the thin material of my black leggings, I looked up into the wall mirror just as they strolled past, in time to see the man clearly eyeing it up, he smiled as our eyes met in the reflection which leads me to react with one of my own. “ it isn't my first time having that happen, I'm just glad you enjoyed yourself”, I replied giving him a gleeful smile, I took one last look, my back, and arse looking like someone had sprayed me with a whole can of silly string before I ask for him to hand me a towel from the shelf. “ haha, yeah, I usually refrain from cumming for a few days when its that time of the month for my free massage” he replied looking down, admiring his work of erotic art on the canvas that happened to be my arse, “ sorry about that miss fire, I usually have better aim”, he said referring to the cum I just wiped off my face.

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Cure happy
You guys party with chris and tina
That girls dad just straight up did that