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#80585 - They didn t care all they wanted was money for crack they would eoingdown the crack then down the cock. I ran away at 12 cuz I couldn t put up with their rules and live with a bunch of other runaway girls they thought I was a girl but I look like a girl and act like one I m no different from nobody my feet stink and sometimes my ass pussy smells sometimes I don t like to shower and I get a little stinky like my feet or my armpits or my ass pussy but some men like that next thing I know they are eating my ass and sniffing my armpits or sucking my toes men are so weird but I love them not till I was 18 that I had my first sex experince I was with homeless girls but seeing how I was one of the few that had a legiament job like not like giving head for money or getting fucked that only seemed to like there s a bigger issues there, like the police. I wonder why? I know cuz your girlfriend s getting gangbanged for crack just letting guys take turns on her while she s smoking crack.

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