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#239560 - After Cindy got cleaned up we went to the mall, the three of us, we had lunch and spent the day hanging around, we talked for a while , Jen asked us again how I had sex with Cindy, she wanted details. That Sunday , I talked to my dad, I said I wanted to get a job or something because I needed some money to by some stuff, he said if I would , clean the gutters, rake the back yard and cut the law out front and in back, paint the fence and clean the garage he would pay me 50 bucks, I almost jumped, of course I agreed, that week every day after school I did it all, I cleaned the gutters, raked the back yard, mowed the lawn and painted the fence, it was Thursday and I was almost done all I had to do was clean the garage, I don’t know if it was my hornyness or the idea of having sex with Kelly that got me moving, I was full of stamina, I had completely forgotten about Jen and her boobs, I don’t know why, my mind was just on the prize and Jen wasn’t it, on Friday when I got back from schoo

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My x girlfriend would do this it looks like its hurts but fun aswell
St. louis
Ty sweetie i just love to turn you on s2
St ar-15
So hot