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#250993 - Inch by inch she goes faster and faster till she is Fucking the whole length of my royal sceptre as im sucking on her big tits. Vanessa was looking scared, its ok Vanessa you are not here for usI tell her as her look goes from scared to confused. My army was well trained and they didn't give an inch as the onslaught of enemies attack I cant help but smile as we slaughtered every one of them, hunny stop queen Luna laughs over my shoulder your going to give the young prince false ideas of a king, Ok my beautiful queen I will stop, Dad can i ask you a question, Sure William whats up, how did you and mom meet, I don't know if you are ready for that story buddy it gets pretty naughty, hunny just tell him the story he is going to learn it some time, alright William you win, Luna laughs and leaves she looks over her shoulder and tells me not to leave anything out as she walks away.

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