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#457807 - After they had dressed and Minh Su had gone to put Teri's things in the guest bedroom, Vicki said, Ya know, Teri, my bed is big enough for three, what do you think!?! I don't think that I can wait for bed time, replied Teri, we still have a lot of lost time to make up for, so let's get busy!!! THE END. Teri was admiring the view of the United Nations and the East River when Vicki slipped up behind her, put her arms around her waist, and whispered in her ear, Do you remember our nights together in the sorority, when I would take you like this and make love to you? How could she forget, it was some of the best love making she had ever experienced, and Vicki always had brought out the best in her! You know what I always liked best don't you, asked Vicki in a husky voice? Vicki answered her own question by letting her hands slide upward until they cupped Teri's huge full chest and whispered, Tell me, how big are they now!?! Teri, a little surprise

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