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Deflowered 保健室の痴女 ~黒川先生、ヤらせてくれるってよ~ 【合本版】 2 Amateur Asian

[服部ミツカ] 保健室の痴女 ~黒川先生、ヤらせてくれるってよ~ 【合本版】 2


Languages: Japanese ihentai
Categories: Manga
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#326966 - “Seems like Ginny has her drink, so do we let the drunk continue playing or have the slut slave play in her place?” Gail said, “If we all get on the floor, we could all play…it could be fun!” “No argument here,” said Judy. She looked at both Judy and Gail and said, “Do you want to make it real interesting? How bout if I bet a dare to each of you that remain in the hand, that I will fulfill without question if I lose, but you each have to do a dare of my choosing should I win, and I get my clothes back?” Everyone looked around, Sarah took her bet, Gail looked at Judy, who said, “I got this…” Gail folded, and Judy said, “I’ll take your bet!” Ginny looked at Judy, Mary and Sarah, knowing that any dare is probably something she had already done, took the bet also. Judy and Gail positioned themselves next to each other and had Mary sit between Sarah and Ginny.

Read Deflowered 保健室の痴女 ~黒川先生、ヤらせてくれるってよ~ 【合本版】 2 Amateur Asian 保健室の痴女 ~黒川先生、ヤらせてくれるってよ~ 【合本版】 2

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Kazuto kirigaya
These guys are grotesque and creepy