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#478725 - She's entranced watching Stacy tease that big cock tasting that precum as it stretches from the tip of his cock to the tip of her cock. Sarah stares hungrily at that cock she's craved all day that's unlocked a carnal lust she never knew she had and says I'll be whoever you want me to be bigboi before dropping to her knees at the front door and swallowing that big cock balls deep… Oh god he says that's good that's very good that's sooooo good he cums and cums and cums stream after stream shooting down Sarah’s (or Stacy’s) throat filling her with a warm sensation she's craved all afternoon craved like she's never craved anything before… Sarah licks her lips teases the cum that's leaked on her cheeks her chin mmmmm it tastes good she swallows it all before cleaning that cock that chick that's lit a fire that will burn forever…. Later that evening Sarah's sat alone reading her texts reliving her fantasy afternoon Toying with her still sopping pussy (she had to change the ba

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